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Things To Do

Indian River Walking Trail is a 5.6km trail system which follows the beautiful Indian River. This trail ranges from an easy to moderate activity level and features interpretive signage, bird watching, 15,000 acre estuary and waterfalls with a salmon ladder. You will experience biodiversity at its best as you travel along this trail, encountering a salt water marsh, a river system as well as boreal forest.

Indian River Walking Trail
The Town of Springdale has recently constructed a 5.6 km walking trail that follows the beautiful Indian River and leads to the Springdale wetlands. During your walk in this natural setting, birds, animals, and ducks can be seen on a regular basis. It is something that the whole family can enjoy.

Centennial Trail
This trail was developed in 1997 and follows the towns underground water line located thousands of feet above Springdale overlooking the town and its beautiful Halls Bay where the view will take your breath away.